Heat Pump/Chiller Warranty

This warranty applies to  Thermex  Heat Pump/Chiller  Products, Accessories  Limited

Warranty Conditions:

The Thermex Heat Pump/Chiller  Products  equipment is warranted by    its  Technologies Limited against defects in materials and workmanship as follows:

Product                                                                                                                     Warranty Term

Air Source Heat Pump  Domestic /Resident  

1 Year Parts and Labour/


1 Year Parts and Labour/

Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Type      THA-WA

*A:1 Year Parts and Labour/

Air Source Type      THA3-WA

*B: 1 Year Parts and Labour/

Water Source Type THA3-SW

 1 Year Parts and Labour/

*A  2 year warranty in international standard with limited conditions.
*B  2,3,5 year warranty only applicable  by negotiated with extra  cost  with limited conditions .

Warranty commences from the date the equipment is purchased and is applicable to the original purchaser. Equipment defects covered by this warranty will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Technologies Limited without cost to the owner for parts or direct repair labour. Technologies Limited authorized repair company shall carry out the repair or replacement during normal business hours.

Any Thermex Heat Pump/Chiller  Products   parts or equipment replaced under the warranty will be warranted in accordance with the provisions of this warranty for the remainder of the original warranty period or 6  months from the completion of the repair, whichever is the greater.

Except where inconsistent with the owner’s statutory rights and the rights given by this warranty, all other warranties and all liability of  Technologies Limited for any loss or damage direct and consequential is expressly excluded.

Special Exclusions:

  1. Any product imported by an individual or distributor other than Thermex Heat Pump/Chiller    Limited, is not covered under this
  2. Any labour costs inflated by difficult access to either the indoor or the outdoor unit, and any extra costs due to difficult access to equipment. Any costs or additional labour associated with gaining acceptable service access to equipment installed in restricted or unsafe Includes crane, lift platform, hiab costs where access necessitates the use of this equipment.
  3. Please be aware that all Chiller /Heat Pumps installed in a corrosive environment (e.g. sea air, industrial or geothermal sulphur contamination environments) should be treated with additional corrosion protection prior to Although additional protection may increase the product’s life, Technologies Limited does not have control of protection type or the application practices used and therefore cannot guarantee that premature corrosion or rust will not occur in these harsh environments; consequently  Technologies Limited cannot cover corrosion related damage even if additional protection has been applied.
  4. Equipment that has been re-installed at a location other than the original
  5. Freight charges (including insurance) or travelling costs for repairs performed outside the area normally serviced by Technologies Limited or an authorized repair company (maximum of 100km round trip).
  6. Equipment installed in a transportable or mobile application (e.g. caravan, truck, trailer or marine application).
  7. Any consumable item (e.g. batteries, filters, v-belts) supplied with the

In addition, this warranty excludes damage, problems or unsatisfactory performance caused to the equipment by:

  1. faulty or incorrect electrical wiring, incorrect power supply, voltage fluctuations, over voltage transient spikes or electromagnetic interference not originating within the
  2. the use of an accessory, component or equipment not supplied by MNF Technologies
  3. incorrect or poor installation or
  4. flood, fire, storm, vandalism, misuse, negligence, acts of God, war, earthquake, vermin or foreign matter (dirt, moisture) entering the equipment, or any outside
  5. in an environment where the climate comfort of humans is not the primary function of the equipment (e.g. high sensible applications).
  6. operation at conditions outside the operating conditions specified in the Thermex ‘s     technical or sales data applicable to that equipment.
  1. Warranty on units will not be excluded when installed into high sensible heat load applications (computer rooms, ) with exception to the following exclusions and conditions which are in addition to the normal special exclusions and owner’s responsibilities already identified in this document:
    1. THX Technologies Limited will not cover any costs relating to loss, damage or down time of third party equipment or processes that have failed due to a problem associated to equipment supplied by Thermex Technologies Limited (when temperature control is critical, 100% redundancy/backup is strongly recommended).
    2. Systems must be correctly sized to the sensible heat load for the area in which it is being
    3. Systems installed must be standalone plant (i.e. not connected to a multi-head or City Multi system).
    4. Duty/standby is required in applications that have redundancy/backup
    5. Regular documented maintenance schedules must be available on

Owner’s Responsibility:

The owner is responsible for the correct operation and regular maintenance of the equipment listed on this warranty card. The correction of any non-product fault or problem is not covered by the warranty. Responsibilities include, but are not limited exclusively to:

  1. Regular cleaning of the air filter(s) and replacement where
  2. Operation and maintenance of the equipment in accordance with the operating
  3. Ensuring the condensate drain is kept
  4. Ensuring the air inlet and outlet on the outdoor unit is kept clear of any obstructions (dirt, leaves, plants).
  5. Replacement of exhausted
  6. The application of additional corrosive protection if the product is installed in a corrosive environment (e.g. sea air, industrial environment, geothermal sulphur contamination).
  7. Regular cleaning of the outdoor

Owner’s Statutory Rights:

In respect to any goods supplied under the contract which are not of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal domestic or household use or consumption, unless the owner establishes the following limitation of liability would not be fair or reasonable, the liability of  Thermex Heat Pump/Chiller   Technologies Limited for any defect of design, materials or workmanship will be limited to any of the following as determined by Black Diamond Technologies Limited:

  1. Replacing the equipment or supplying the equivalent equipment of equal or similar condition and
  2. Repairing the
  3. Paying the cost of replacing the equipment or acquiring equivalent
  4. Paying the cost of having the equipment

Updated: December 2020